Close Proximity Brand Awareness Campaign

Close Proximity Brand Awareness Campaign


Travel your advertisement to major locations in Kuala Lumpur where there are high numbers of pedestrians and traffic.

As a brand you can educate the public and society on how your brand/company started, what was the initial vision and etc.
Videos on the history of the company can be displayed on Impressor.


The Institut National de l’audiovisuel (INA); is a repository of all French radio and television audiovisual archives. Additionally it provides free access to archives of countries such as Afghanistan and Cambodia.

They selected a more innovative way of promoting their INA brand. A digital billboard truck was hired to tour the streets of Paris; also a close proximity campaign hoping to grab the attention of pedestrians.

INA used High Definition Audio and Digital Visual materials to capture audience’s attentions. Since it’s a digital billboard, more interesting materials ranging from audio to digital visual can be broadcast to the public.

Impressor would be a good medium for close proximity marketing campaigns. Reason is because our routes are specially designed to meet this criterion in order for us to help clients reach higher and better number of audiences.

Each route and location is backed with figures of number of pedestrians on specific hours of the day accordingly. We did all these detailed preparations hoping to help you achieve your missions and marketing achievements.

We also encourage clients to utilise to the best our digital advantage. High Definition Audio and Digital Visual are main points of why we designed a digital billboard truck with screens, hoping to capture audience’s attentions.


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