Travel your advertisement to major locations in Kuala Lumpur where there are high numbers of pedestrians and Traffic

Use amazing visual for your advertisement together with Impressor’s eye-catching screen and allow pedestrians and passer-by to be amazed.


Renault a French car manufacturer was running an advertisement campaign to promote new & latest car models to the people of Durham City.

Renault hired a digital billboard truck to tour around the city. The advertisement was design to show the public their new and latest car models and local dealers who are stocking the new models.

The truck toured mostly locations with more pedestrians for close proximity marketing purpose. Besides that, the digital billboard truck also toured Renault’s local dealership stores in Durham city.

Impressor would be a good medium for close proximity marketing campaigns. Reason is because our routes are specially designed to meet this criterion in order for us to help clients reach higher and better number of audiences.

Each route and location is backed with figures of number of pedestrians on specific hours of the day accordingly. We did all these detailed preparations hoping to help you achieve your missions and marketing achievements.


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