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1st Analytics Mobile Digital OOH Advertising

At IMPRESSOR, we strongly believe that Mobile LED Digital Advertising is the future in marketing and branding. This new media is more cost effective and provides better attraction coverage for products and brands. Especially we operate in high traffic locations and times of the day. We are fully committed to offer a large fleet of Digital LED Trucks which are able to cover wider locations at competitive rates.

With our proprietary technological platforms, we aim to provide tracking, reporting and more efficient interaction between our clients and mass public which will champion our clients’ digital messages better. This will ensure better creativity and endless possibilities for our clients.

Out-Of-Home Advertising

  • Using LED Screen to display and bring your advertisement outdoor to a high traffic street instead of high traffic highway.


  • With LED Screen mounted on our truck, your Ads are constantly chasing towards the crowd instead of the crowd passing by your Ads on a static billboard.

Cost Effective

  • Cost of billboard are too heavy to burden? At Impressor, we charged at a reasonable price for everyone and we provide top class services.

1st Timely Approach Mobile Digital OOH Advertising

We analyses & collect data from several hotspots, find the best timing and approach. Our timing divided into Morning rush hour, Afternoon lunch hour, evening rush hour and nighttime after hour. we select prime locations based on this 4 timing. We optimize the exposure and bringing the more effective way of digital out of home advertising.

Based on the data, we can identify and evaluate the value of the location and the traffic. Where now client knows their ads investment values.

What You Can Add-on?

Interaction & Gaming

Bring your gaming and interaction outdoor easily.

Soft Launch

Start your soft launch event with our Led Truck around.


Do a creative signage that direct your consumer to your store.

On Road Event

Have a road show event and some simple interactive event by having our Led Truck going from places to places.

Discount & QR Code

Display your discount code & QR code at the most creative way on our truck.

Bullletin Board

Have your company information display on our Led screen outdoor.


Get our Led truck to promote your company latest package and promotion.

Flyer Distribution

We can have a flyer distributor to distribute your company flyer around our Led truck.

Social Media Feed

Equipped with wifi connection, we can display your social media page LIVE!


Box Led Truck

  • Equipped with 3 Led Panels.
  • Panel Size – Side Panel (16ft x 6ft), Back Panel (6ft x 6ft)
  • Resolution – Side Panel (1536 x 576), Back Panel (800 x 800)
  • 270 degree of exposure.
  • Equipped with WiFi.
  • Audio System.

Lifted Led Truck

  • Panel Size – 13ft x 8ft
  • Resolution – 1200 x 768
  • Screen 360 degree rotation.
  • Screen can rise up 4 meters to the sky. (above eye level)


1st Analytics Mobile Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising

Every Impressor trucks are equipped with a high tech detector system that enable us to capture the live data collection of the amount of audiences around our truck. This system will detect and receive 3G signal coming out from smartphone within the radius of 2000 to 3000 square feet. It means that your Ads is visible to the amount of audiences data we detected in our software.

Based on the data, we can identify and evaluate the value of the location and the traffic. Where now client knows their ads investment values.


  • At the same rate of 1 large billboard, you can now advertise in 8 prime locations each day. Besides that, zero cost for printing or production fees while your ads can be modified as and when you choose quickly.

Size & Angle

  • Big Screen big impact, even more impact when closer to the traffic. we could raise 12ft high with 360 degree angle rotation LED and the height of the screen is on eye level, Pedestrian and traffic can’t passby wtihout having a glance. your ads are bound to capture the audience wherever they are displayed.

High Repeat Exposure

  • We are great partner with other media ,where audience can see your ads even at outdoor to remind and impress them, creating a high repeat exposure. Each of our truck could generate 20,000 to 50,000 pedestrian and vehicular impression per day.


  • Our digital LED trucks are fully equipped with GPS System and 3G system to ensure that your ads are played and exposed to the appropriate target audience and to ensure that they are at the best and most appropriate locations.


  • We can be interactive with live stream camera, Wifi to push notification, live twitter feed for instant great to promote hashtag to display on the screen.

Best Possible Locations

  • Our trucks are strategically placed at locations that have the best and highest ad-views particularly in high-traffic areas with a lot of crowd and people.

Lead Generation, Impact on Social Media

  • We could carter with your daily, weekly or monthly promotion to generate lead to your business. Even collaborate with social media like twitter, Facebook, Instagram to promote hashtag and others feature generating more impact.