Provide us with a link to your Facebook or Twitter account of your brand or company. Links will be generated into QR Codes to be displayed together with your advertisement. This allows audiences the opportunity to follow them on their updates and providing a better customer support service.

Promoting your own brand or company’s social media page is also part of marketing your brand to the society and gaining more followers on the internet.


Manchester Police in the United Kingdom did a campaign promoting a safer place and environment to live in. The purpose of the campaign was to prevent and curb crimes.
In order for the campaign to work with more efficiency, they did an advertisement by hiring a billboard truck to travel around the city of Manchester displaying an advertisement with a QR Code linking the public to their Twitter account.

This was a smart move where crimes that were in process can be shared on Twitter by other Twitter users living in Manchester city and be acknowledged by Manchester Police Force and citizens of Manchester city.

QR Codes have become common in consumer advertising. Similar concept can be applied into marketing for business & brand. Quick Response Code is used to store URL Addresses (Website Links) and numerical and alphabetical text.

Company’s website address, Facebook page or Twitter account can be used to allow more interactions between your business and consumers. Your personal QR Code will be displayed together with the advertisement on Impressor; as Impressor travels around Kuala Lumpur city. This will enable more interaction between your company and the citizens of Kuala Lumpur city.


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